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Written by Ally Shwed

Art by Gerardo Alba


Fathers and daughters don’t always get along. But what better way to rekindle a strained relationship than to take a road trip across the entire country?

In the graphic novel Sex Bomb Strikes Again, that’s exactly what Lorne and Beth Zonkowski agree to do: drive from their home in central New Jersey to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada—all to see Sir Tom Jones play a one-night-only show on the strip. But along with their suitcases, they’ve packed a trunkload of emotional baggage that only fourteen straight days in a car can unlock.

Will Beth and Lorne find happiness on the highway? Will their relationship survive 2,593 miles in a Golf GTI? And—most importantly—will they make it to Las Vegas in time to catch the show?


DRM-free pdf version

Sex Bomb Strikes Again e-book

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